Our School Vision:

  • Students, staff, parents, community will work as a team to make sure every student has the skills necessary to be successful in life. 
  • Students, staff, parents, community will set high academic and character goals. 
  • Students, staff, parents, community will show BRUSH Pride at home, school, and in the community.


Wednesday, February 21 was a successful school day.  Thank you to the Brush Police Department and Morgan County Sheriff's Department for investigating the potential threat, mitigating that threat, and then providing a presence today to add another layer of safety and confidence as we attempted to conduct business as usual.  Thank you to school district employees for your efforts "above and beyond" to assist our students in feeling safe and maintaining a quality learning environment.  Thank you parents for your trust in our partnership with you.  We will continue to make every effort to provide a safe learning environment and use all resources available to us to achieve that end. We look forward to returning to more regular day but will continue with an elevated level of awareness toward school safety and an increased resolve to provide our students with  world-class educational opportunities. Dr. Wilson Superintendent
Beaver Valley went into a lockout drill today, as we were asked by the Brush Police Department to please keep students in doors as a precautionary measure.  We remained in that drill for around an hour.  During that time, we conducted business as usual, with students in class.  Students did not go outside during this time.  If you have questions or concerns, please call the office tomorrow during regular school hours.
We were made aware of a potential threat of a planned shooting at our HS tomorrow. We coordinated with law enforcement to investigate. Brush PD have determined that the threat was a hoax that originated in Jefferson County schools last week and resurfaced in Brighton this week. The individual responsible is in custody and we have no reason to believe there is any imminent threat. Brush PD will have officers at all schools tomorrow as well as a heightened presence for the foreseeable future.

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